Monday, September 21, 2009

With Regards to Friday Night..

It is generally not the case that all 5 members of the band are simultaneously speechless... I mean, between John's well placed deep south mannerisms, Greg's "Gregisms", and Ben Azzi's squeals of joy, we can generally fill an occurrence with plenty of sound (whether appropriate or not). This past friday night was the absolute exception. We couldn't have asked for a better evening and a better party. A simple thanks comes nowhere near doing justice to everyone who came out. It was one of the best feelings in the world to be able to be on stage in front of so many friends and to be able to share such a great evening with all of you. I said it Friday night, but feel the need to reiterate the point. Friday night was an unmeasurable amount of fun for us as a band, but the really important people that evening were all of the friends that came out to party with us. You all have been some of the best friends (old and new) and greatest supporters that we could have ever hoped for. It was a silly feeling to see so many of you at the venue so early, ready to hear all the great music that the night held, and most importantly ready to party. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts thank you. It is still and will remain a humbling feeling to know that there is so much support for what we are doing. And for those who were turned away at the door, we appreciate you all coming out and are sorry that we couldn't accommodate everyone. Honestly, we had no idea that we'd even come close to having so many of you out that evening. We expected about 1/3 of the number that came out, so it was very bittersweet. Now that we know how many of you like to get rowdy, we'll make sure that next time we'll find a place with a bigger capacity. For those who couldn't get in, if you send us an email ( we'll send you some tracks to help make up for Friday night. I must also convey our appreciation to the gentlemen who we had the privilege of sharing the stage with. Braden Land is an incredible talent, whom I have just been introduced to. He's one hell of a nice guy, an incredible song writer, and a great performer. Check him out at ( The Hogslop String Band are some of the most genuinely nice guys that I've met since moving to Nashville. These guys put on a silly good show and I can't think of a better group of fellers to close the night. You can check these guys out every Weds over at the 5 spot in East Nashville. Finally, I can't say enough about them Westbound Rangers. These boys are some of our best friends here in Nashville, and are a group that I'm continually amazed with their talent and kindness. They are among my favorite groups and I'm not just blowing smoke. If you haven't already, please check them out ( Once again, thank you. We are humbled, thankful, and excited to party again soon.

_Ben Ringel