Friday, November 27, 2009

Sweet Sweet Food Coma

The spirit of the current, or just past holiday season.. And in following the tired generalization that all musicians are late and unreliable, We want to extend to all of you our appreciation. We've been blessed with better friends than we deserve, and each and every one of you should know that we are not only thankful for your support of our music, but also for your support as our friends. The last 2 years have been more fun than should be allowed, and that is all thanks to the people who have come out and sat through the good shows, and more importantly...the questionable performances. Anyways..
It's been a little while since our last update (i'm sure that all 3.5 of you who read this have been worried). But alas, we are alive and kicking. The last month and a half have been great as we've played some great shows in some new cities. Last weekend we had the opportunity to play in Florence, AL and Knoxville, TN. Both were great to us, and we got a chance to see old friends again and meet a lot of new friends as well. The boys at Swamp Works Amps came out and back-lined the Florence show. It's always good to see them, and was an honor to play through their amps. Check them out at (, you won't be disappointed.
We have a couple of shows left to finish off the year. On December 5th we will be in Louisville, KY at the BBC Brewery (St. Matthews). They will be having their annual Prohibition Party, which should be a silly good time. If you're in the area, come out dressed in your best flapper dress or swinger suit and party with us. I've heard rumors of nickle beers, a soup line, and some loud music courtesy of us. We will be back in Nashville on December 8th for a dead-day-eve show at the Mercy Lounge. The line up for this show is unreal.. The evening will start off with the world renowned Westbound Rangers at around 9:30. Then come the earth shattering Hollywood Ten at about 10:15. We will be playing at around 11. And the incredibly talented Steve Moakler will take the stage around midnight. Doors are at 9pm, $5 cover, and the show is 18+. We will also have the boys from Swamp Works Amps back-lining this show as well, so if you'd like to hear some killer tone, or want to check out the amps, they will be there to talk shop.
And finally, there is some exciting things on the horizon for next year. We are on the tail end of the writing process for the new record. We are hoping to record sometime in January, and release the album around April or May. We'd like to end our extended college careers with a bang, and party with all of you to celebrate it. Well, that's all from this side of the table. I do hope that everyone is enjoying their food hangovers as much as I am. Just remember, it's not gluttony if it's nationally celebrated.. Much love, peace, and pie

_Ben Ringel