Monday, September 27, 2010

10 State Borders in 48 Hours

(Written on 9/25/10)


We played the fair city of Cincinnati and the Mid Point Music Festival for the first time last night. I think we were all surprised at how great the city, venue, and festival was. We played at a bar called Jack Potts, and shared the stage with some really incredible talent. Opening up the evening was one of the better folk singers and writers that I’ve heard in a long time, Mr. Tom Evanchuck. The guy is a monster writer, and a great front man. He threw in a few delta blues tunes, to which I’m continually amazed at how much great, gritty blues is coming out of somewhere like Ohio. When asked about it his response was, “it comes from boredom. I mean, this is Ohio.” Boredom or not, it was killer. We left pretty quickly after our set, and began the 600+ mile journey west to the great wheat fields of Kansas. It’s currently 8:39am and we’re enclosing on her quick. Ben Azzi, Greg, and the infamous H. Read Davis are sleeping soundly in their bunks. I’d imagine this is what my parents felt like during my childhood road trips. The babes are asleep in the back, Dave and I are holding hands in the front, and the gas station coffee sips slowly as the sun rises. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think we were in some strange backroom of heaven. Anyways, Lawrence tonight. We’re releasing our new E.P. entitled “Bird Called Angola” to the Kansas crowd, and sure do hope that they like it. Tonight we’ll raise a pint of the delicious Boulevard Wheat in honor of Cinci, in appreciation of you, and in remembrance of the past 600 miles that didn’t realize how soon it would become our bitch.

To all you Saints, Sinners, and Soon to be Drunkards,

Good Night, Good Morning, and Godspeed,

_The Delta Saints

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