Monday, September 27, 2010

An Unposted Blog from the Past

(Written on the morning of April 3, 2010)

Friends, Faculty, and Respected members of the Board,

We’re currently headed out of Jonesboro, Arkansas, 6 deep in an Xterra, and back home to Nash-Vegas-City-Ville after an incredible couple of shows. We’re all friends here, and after 3 days in such close quarters, we all seem to have enough dirt to ensure a slow and painful burial for one another. If my thoughts start to wander, it’s because the vibrating concussion of having only one window open in a car traveling 70mph is damn near deafening.

Anyways, back to the moment at hand… We’ve definitely had better ideas than traveling 6 deep in such a vehicle, but Lucille (the affectionate moniker given to the Xterra) is a trooper. She’s been through hell and back, with 6 people, and a full trailer over about 1200 miles. Her only complaint comes in the form of gas mileage that equals out to about 23 cents a mile…(donations welcome.) We’ve learned a lot about each other while being in such confinement. Greg takes 45 minute showers, and we’re not quite sure what he’s doing while in them. John Shaw enjoys falling asleep on the shoulders of the lucky person next to him, mouth agape, looking like a redheaded cherub. David smells like cheese, and acquires an endearingly bitchy personality when drunk (who also really enjoys T-Bell’s 4th meal). Ben Azzi is the “Poppa Saint” who gets grumpy when not sleeping in a comfy bed. Melissa Madison Fuller can literally fall asleep on the most precarious pieces of furniture, and end up with a comfortable and complete nights sleep. And I am finding (through the gentle help of those that I love) that I am ¼ diva, ½ helpless child, and ¼ silly bitch, who argues about useless matters. But in the end, we luh ee udders… And are all looking forward to the solitary confine of our solitary, quiet, and lonely beds for a few days.

All in all, the weekend was pretty silly. We got to play in front of amazing people, in some wonderful towns. Lawrence, KS is our home away from home, which we don’t get to see near enough. There is a ridiculous amount of love in our hearts for that city, and its people. And last night we had the distinct honor of playing with The Last Straw in Jonesboro, Arkansas. A great time was had by all, and we’ve realized that we need to step up our post-show partying, as the Last Straw boys put our idea of partying to shame. Well done good sirs, well done. Thanks to everyone who came out, as we look forward to getting loud and rowdy with you again real soon. Until next time, drink up me hearties yo’ ho’!


The Delta Saints

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